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In a world ravaged by the war between humans and man-made mutants, survival is a privilege and betrayal is a common concept. After enduring one too many betrayals, the battle-hardened ex-soldier Gress decided to end this madness once and for all, alone.

Jump into the role of a lone soldier set out to end a global war and utilize amazing powers to secure victory in every battle! Insatiable is a skill-based top-down shooter with plenty of challenge and blood-boiling action!

Alpha features:

  • Fast-paced top-down shooting!
  • 2 weapons! - Dual pistols and a shotgun
  • 2 powers! - Shadow dash and Timetwister
  • 2 enemies! - Spooker and Rampager
  • Rank system! - Play well to earn the best ranks for each battle!
  • 1 full mission filled with plenty of battles!

Controls (keyboard / X360 controller):

Movement: WASD / Left stick
Aim: Mouse / Right stick
Primary fire: Mouse 1 / RB
Secondary fire: Mouse 2 / RT
Power 1: Left shift, Space / LB
Power 2: E, Mouse 3 / LT
Use health item: Q / B
Pause = Esc, Enter / Start

You can press F11 to go fullscreen.

This game is still work-in-progress alpha, free for anyone to play and evaluate. As a group of gamedev students, we'd greatly appreciate any kind of feedback you might have! Leave your thoughts and feedback ( and cookies :3 ) on the comments below.


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Insatiable 64bit.zip 211 MB
Insatiable 32bit.zip 186 MB


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I got this,any possible solution?


This is a super cool game, I had a ton of fun playing it and really look forward to seeing how it develops in the future!

Gameplay for those that want a laugh - 


Thank you for the feedback and the very expressive gameplay video! Loved it!

I checked out the alpha too (and made a video).  Died but eventually, success. :) 


Thank you so much for the feedback and exposure!

Just a first look at this bullet hell indie game. If you see anything you like, be sure to download the game and try it for yourselves ( and give the devs a shout-out).